BAPTISMS are celebrated each Sunday at 11.30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

We are doing each Baptism separately so as to maximize the number of guests present for each Baptism. Please ring the Parish Office 9825 8154 to arrange the Christening. Our priest will visit the family at home to obtain details for the Baptism Certificate and let the family know the procedures.


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION Year 3 children at any school or older are eligible, provided they have begun receiving Reconciliation (Confession).

FIRST RECONCILIATION It has been decided to defer this Sacrament (confession & forgiveness) till early next year. This affects current Year 2 Catholic children as well as older children who are yet to receive  this. They would be included in First Communion events later that same year 2021.

Children in year 2 are eligible, Dates are yet to be decided

CONFIRMATION. We hope to be able to celebrate this Sacrament in May 2021. Baptised Catholic Children in Year 6 or in a higher class at any school are eligible. In fact it is the right of Baptised children  to  receive this Sacrament because it is in effect the other half of Baptism: Orthodox Christians and Eastern rite Catholics receive Confirmation at the same time as Baptism.